As an independent firm, Ensconce Wealth Partners has the freedom and flexibility to choose from the best technology, products, and services available so that our core values are always aligned with our clients’ interests.

To provide diverse, specialized and exceptional service, we have initiated strategic relationships with the following firms:


Charles Schwab

As your Advisor, Ensconce Wealth Partners will not hold your assets. We have chosen the firm Charles Schwab as custodian, one of the largest and most trusted repositories for financial assets in the custody business today. In 2018, Schwab was selected as one of the Fortune Top 50 “World’s Most Admired Companies.” It is responsible for more than $3.59 trillion in client assets as of March 31, 2019. The firm has exceptionally low debt levels, does no proprietary trading of its own firm capital, and does not leverage its own balance sheet. These are some of the reasons that it is one of the industry’s strongest financial firms and why we chose it to safeguard your assets. In short, it has one, and only one, business: to serve as a safe custodian for your funds.


Sanctuary Wealth

Sanctuary Wealth brings together an elite group of wealth Advisors, selected for their experience, impressive compliance, and performance records. These talented, highly qualified Advisors operate with their clients’ best interests as their primary focus. Partnered IndependenceSM ensures them comprehensive support in all aspects of serving clients and growing their businesses through affiliation with Noyes Group, LLC, a full-service investment firm headquartered in the Midwest, with offices throughout the country. Through its subsidiaries, Sanctuary Securities and Sanctuary Advisors, this partner-owned firm offers a comprehensive menu of products and services to individual and institutional clients.


eMoney Advisor

Winner of the “Best Overall Fintech Software” award in 2019 for the second consecutive year from FinTech Breakthrough, eMoney’s fully integrated platform delivers streamlined and sophisticated wealth planning capabilities throughout the advisor-client lifecycle. The platform includes an intuitive interface, financial planning solutions, aggregation capabilities, and diverse resources that, combined, facilitate outstanding collaboration and efficiency. Currently, it tracks more than $2 trillion in client assets, serving more than 50,000 financial professionals and 2.4 million end clients.


Orion Advisors

Founded in 1999, Orion Advisor Services provides the integrated and fully customizable technology solutions that Advisors deploy to manage their businesses more efficiently. Eclipse, Orion’s next generation trading and rebalancing platform, enables Advisors to trade and rebalance portfolios specific to their needs, increasing Advisors’ ability to offer tax efficient portfolios at scale, improving trade desk efficiency and streamlining business processes. Orion’s technology solutions empower more than 1,500 firms representing more than $650 billion in client assets.